How To Positively Influence Hundreds DAILY
June 14, 2015
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My face blushed read again.

I was in the middle of speaking to an audience of South African students in Polokwane, about three hours outside of Johannesburg. There was no clicker to change the slides of my powerpoint, so every time I said “next slide”, I had the audience clap (securing me at least 12 rounds of applause…lol). I also started off my talk by having everyone jump up and down, high-five a stranger, and then hug a stranger, three times for each activity. That was quite the icebreaker.

But here I was, red face and all from the energy and emotion, influencing hundreds.

In fact, there’s dozens of ways to influence hundreds.

Public speaking –

When was the last time you had a group of people giving you undivided attention for 15 to 30, or even 60 minutes? Public speaking gives you a literal platform from which to speak to hundreds of people and influence them to consider your ideas, stories, and thoughts. It’s an amazing way to promote a book or company, inspire others to think about certain issues and opportunities in their lives, and go on to start projects inspired by your words, like I did in starting 2 Billion Under 20 after hearing a talk in 2012 from a Thiel Foundation Summit.

At the talk in Polokwane, one young woman was brave enough to admit to the audience after the talk that she’d been inspired by my thoughts on community-building within my talk to start her own community, and even looked for her new community members at the event.

Public speaking can change lives, and help you influence hundreds. What’s common knowledge to you may be a foreign language to others, so share (and blab) away!

Writing –

Penning (actually, typing) this article will allow me to influence hundreds. People I know, and many I don’t, will read this article over the next few months as interested followers check it out and share with their friends upon publication, while others visit the site months or years after its publication because of a keyword search, a friend’s recommendation, or enjoyment of my other articles.

This is one of the reasons why I recently started blogging again. Writing allows you to influence hundreds, whether you get told you’ve influenced someone or not.

Being a good person –

If you count the number of people you interact with on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis, you’d be amazed at how many people you come across, hands you shake, conversations you have, and more. Each of these interactions is an opportunity to influence people.

In fact, you’re already influencing them. That’s not the choice. The choice is whether your actions, mindsets, values, tolerances, and attitudes are going to positively influence people, remain neutral, or negatively influence someone.

A smile, a compliment, overwhelming positivity, constructive criticism, a “random act of kindness”…all of these are things we can strive to share more often. They all lead to positively influencing hundreds.

Starting a business/any project –

This is obvious. A business, non-profit, scientific discovery, or any other project you start, can employ, have products and services be sold to, assist, comfort, benefit, and therefore otherwise influence hundreds of people.

It could be in your service. Families go to Disney, and are influenced by staff members dressed up as princesses and superheroes. Or, at a fancy steakhouse, the top levels of waitressing and food presentation influence diners.

It could be in the product. Computers sold by Apple and Dell are used to create softwares, write texts, communicate with others across the world, and so much more.

These businesses and projects therefore influence hundreds.

What else? –

When I say there’s dozens of ways to influence hundreds of people…I actually believe that there’s hundreds of ways to influence hundreds of people. The real challenge isn’t finding out how to influence, but rather who do you try to influence, using what methods, and why it is important to do so?

How do you influence hundreds? Share below, and get the chance to guest blog about your experiences so that you can influence hundreds more each and every day! 🙂

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