What Does The Ultimate Learning Journey Look Like…?



There is so much to learn, and so little time!

The possibilities for various experiments, challenges, and experiences to take on are endless. Even as a life-long learner, the unknown can truly be daunting sometimes, and as someone taking a gap year from school (or life), or even if you’re just a curious learner, how do you even organize the “ultimate learning journey”?

Fortunately, I recently had the opportunity to ask some amazing people what they’d do at my age in order to build a life-long foundation for success. People like Tony Hsieh, the Founder of UGGs, the guy who started the Make-A-Wish Foundation, various professional athletes, a handful of New York Times Bestselling Authors, successful entrepreneurs, and other leading minds of our time shared with me the lessons they would have taught themselves at 18, and I will be using those insights as a sort-of curriculum to experiment with during this gap year.

(The Gap Year Curriculum: What Tony Hsieh, The Founder of UGGs, Pro Athletes, And Others Taught Me About Success)

So, using the lessons learned from some of my mentors, friends, and role models, I have brainstormed  a handful of potential gap year experiments I will look to undergo during my gap year. These are just a handful of experiments/challenges I may look to attempt this year (and if you have other ideas or suggestions, please email me!), and with each one, I will be reaching out to various experts and teachers in that field who can coach me (so, if you know any experts I should reach out to, or access to resources or experiences that apply to any of the experiments listed below, please reach out as well!).

Here’s the breakdown…

Potential Experiments in Business:

  • Develop a 6-Figure Annual Passive Income Business (Why? – Young people have the unique ability in many cases to take bigger entrepreneurial risks. If one is able to create a considerable business at a young age, they may save themselves from a lot of student loan debts and/or time working in a more “corporate” job, and place themselves in a comfortable financial situation that affords them the lifestyle and financial freedom they crave while allowing them to look for other opportunities to continue growing their net worth instead of working for others.) 
  • Launch a NYT Bestselling Book (My first book, 2 Billion Under 20out next May) -and in the process- Learn How To Market Anything (Why? – Marketing is such a crucial skill to learn. It will help you showcase your skills to potential employers in the job market, potentially start a business, and even have more success in your social life!)
  • Organize and Execute a Successful Charity Event (Why? – While it’s important to get ahead financially, it is also important to give back and show others that they can do the same. I didn’t get here without help from many people, organizations, and programs, and helping others is a way to show gratitude for all the opportunities I’ve been given in life so far.)
  • Have Lunch With 3 People Who Have $100 Million Or More In Personal Net Worth (Why? – These are best people to learn from about what it takes to achieve the highest levels of monetary success (why ask a professor when you can ask these folks!?), and their advice on money and life will most likely differ tremendously from the advice you’d receive in school.) 
  • Readers! Gap Year Experimenters! I’d Like You To Challenge Me To Various Experiments In Business! (What do YOU want to learn? Let me know, and I may take on your challenge!)



–Although I didn’t share a meal with him (yet!), I was able to interview an entrepreneur, VC, and author with $500 Million in personal net worth. One down; two to go! Here’s what I learned (Audio Interview Included)…

–Stacey and I are hard at work with 2 Billion Under 20and the book is scheduled to be released in May, 2015, which means we are currently focusing on securing media spots that take the longest time to secure (in-print magazine articles, major TV segments, etc). Reach out if you have ideas or suggestions!


Potential Experiments in Health:

  • Lose 30 Pounds in 2014 (Why? – Health is a crucial subject in my generation, one that has the highest obesity level compared to other generations, so it’s important to tackle that issue in a gap year. Rather than gain the “freshman fifteen” that many people gain in their first year of college through eating fattening foods, partying too much, and refusing to workout, I want to do the opposite and get into the best shape of my life.) 
  • Put On 20 Pounds Of Muscle In Two Months Or Less (Why? – Weightlifting provides obvious benefits for your health, and builds self-confidence (in work and dating)discipline, and “grit”, all extremely valuable qualities for anybody to cultivate, especially at a young age.)
  • Train With Professional And/Or Division 1 College Basketball Players (Why? – This is a bucket-list item of mine, and also shows the work ethic required to compete at the highest levels of sport or your own craft.)
  • Learn How To Dance (Why? – Most people aren’t very good dancers (I’m no exception!), yet dancing has one of the highest returns on investment as far as mating value for men and women, and is one of the most physically demanding skills. Instead of the horrendous club dancing that most college freshman experience in their respective college towns, this would be a valuable and fun skill to learn. And, if I can do this, anyone can!) 
  • Complete Transcendental Meditation Or Another Meditation Challenge/Retreat (Why? – Meditation, and proper inner peace and wellness training, isn’t taught in school, yet it is crucial to success and happiness in life. This training – and meditation trainings alike – can help reduce stress, improve focus, and increase maturity and self-confidence.) 
  • Readers! Gap Year Experimenters! I’d Like You To Challenge Me To Various Experiments In Health! (What do YOU want to learn? Let me know, and I may take on your challenge!)



–I successfully completed my first Health experiment of losing 30 pounds in 2014. I will be writing an article shortly detailing how I pulled it off, and how you can too!


Potential Experiments in Relationship-Building:

  • Learn How To Cook (By Shadowing a Master Chef Or Taking A Cooking Holiday Overseas) (Why? – According to evolutionary psychologist Dr. Geoffrey Miller at the University of New Mexico, author of the forthcoming book Mate with Tucker Max, cooking is the second highest activity in regards to mating benefits per hours of training.)
  • Plan An Execute a “Super Date” as shown on “How I Met Your Mother”  (Why? – Not only would this be exceptionally fun and special, but it addresses the bigger societal problem in college today, which is the “hook-up” culture prevalent with Millennials. This experience would show my college colleagues that it is indeed safe – and preferable – to take a more intimate approach in dating and personal relationships in general. )
  • Get a Wardrobe Makeover From An Expert Stylist (Why? – Knowing how to dress is crucial for any young person in the realms of business, dating, and self-confidence, and although not everyone has access to an expert stylist, there are basic tips to share with ambitious young people to help them get ahead in school, in their careers, or in their personal lives.)
  • Become Certified In Massage (Why? – Learning the art of massage is another activity high in mating benefits per hours dedicated to training. Many people can benefit from learning how to relax, release tension, and be able to do the same for others. In personal relationships, this is a great way to connect with another person in a highly sensual, intimate way that, again, addresses the issue of current “hook-up” culture in collegiate society.) 
  • Throw a Spectacular Personal/Professional Dinner Party Series (Why? -Learning how to throw parties is a crucial skill – for college, absolutely! – but more importantly to boost your social life and career. It is an excellent way to have a joyful time, connect with others in the intimacy of an event that draws them away from their normal, hectic lives, and provides opportunities to meet new people while catalyzing connections in your own network and strengthening the relationships you already have with your guests.) 
  • Readers! Gap Year Experimenters! I’d Like You To Challenge Me To Various Experiments In Relationship-Building! (What do YOU want to learn? Let me know, and I may take on your challenge!)


Potential Experiments in Lifestyle Design:

  • Learn How To Travel Hack Like A Pro (Why? – Travel is a popular gap year activity because it provides unparalleled self-growth opportunities and is a bucket-list type activity, and we’d all be intrigued to find out how we could travel around the world on reduced rates, and find the loopholes in various institutions like career advancement, education, and travel.) 
  • Learn How to Race Cars, Then Race on the Autobahn in Germany (Why? – Most young people could benefit from learning how to improve their driving skills [am I right?!], but the real reason for doing this would be to showcase that lifestyle design is actually affordable and possible!)
  • Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro (Why? – This is a bucket-list item for many people, and tackling such a hike would test my grit, endurance, and resolve to succeed, all of which are extremely important skills to build for success in studying, business, and beyond.)
  • Break A Guinness World Record (Why? – Doing this would certainly showcase what’s truly possible if you question the status quo and chase the seemingly impossible. Because so many people are fearful of attempting the extraordinary for fear of it being too challenging or inaccessible, accomplishing this feat would prove that it is actually quite manageable to do the extraordinary because there isn’t much competition to do so at the end of the day.) 
  • Readers! Gap Year Experimenters! I’d Like You To Challenge Me To Various Experiments In Lifestyle Design! (What do YOU want to learn? Let me know, and I may take on your challenge!)



–I have been doing some travel-hacking as of late, and will be sharing an article soon detailing how I’ve been able to get paid to travel internationally! Stay tuned for more…(or click here!)


Potential Experiments in Community:

  • Attend Burning Man In 2015 (Why? – Burning Man is all about how to build community and camaraderie at its core. It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience I can use to share lessons on building relationships and community with The Gap Year Experiment Community.) 
  • Spend A Weekend With A Native African Or Amazonian Tribe (Why? – The few native tribes that exist today offer valuable insight into what true leadership and community looks and feels like, and these insights are valuable to modern-day society at large, whether you are starting a company and want to build exceptional culture, or whether you want to build an intimate group of friends to enrich your life or geographic neighborhood.)
  • Start “The Bucket List Group” (Why? – By having exceptional experiences with a group of close friends or family, you forge a relationship that is unbreakable and can quickly build a small (and eventually large) community)
  • Start a High-Level, Professional Mastermind Group (Why? – “You are the sum of the five people you spend the most time with.” This statement can’t be more true, and as Napoleon Hill first wrote about in Think and Grow Rich, the ability to align yourself with like-minded people who all have similar goals and are committed to one another’s success is one of the best ways for people young and old to get ahead in life. ) 
  • Readers! Gap Year Experimenters! I’d Like You To Challenge Me To Various Experiments In Community! (What do YOU want to learn? Let me know, and I may take on your challenge!)


Again, these are all potential Gap Year Experiments, and I am always looking for new challenges and experiments to take on that align with the lessons I am trying to learn.

If you know anyone any “experts” who can coach me along the way, or would like to sponsor one of the Gap Year Experiments, please email me


Let The Games…Begin!!!


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