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The Gap Year Experiment Heads To Europe!
December 5, 2014
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Before I begin…an apology. It’s been over 10 DAYS since I’ve last posted, and while I’ve been working on multiple “experiments” in order to share those insights with you and help you tackle major life decisions in an easier way, I have not been so good at giving you updates along the way. Please forgive me, let’s hug it out, and move on, because…I have a cool announcement to make.

The Gap Year Experiment is heading to Europe for two months!

Yup! That’s right. As I conclude my time here in New York City, I get ready to head out on Sunday, December 7th to Oslo, Norway and then the heart of Europe for two months as I take on the “experiments” of learning how to travel-hack and undergo yet another type of living environment (living at home, living in a major city, and now, living abroad). While I’m away, I will attempt to continue other experiments I’ve been working on, such as the recent time management experiment where me and over thirty friends set out to publicly share our meeting and to-do logs for one week in order to become more productive with our time (a practice I’ve continued this week), and take on new experiments, such as potentially renting an exotic car and racing on the Autobahn (a highway with no speed limit) in Germany in order to prove that handling your own lifestyle design is affordable and easily accessible at any age.

As I’ve practiced from some of my original findings in travel-hacking, I had my flight taken care of to go overseas given a speaking engagement I have committed to in Oslo, Norway, which saved me about $1,000. The other, major travel-hacking hypothesis I’m about to test is to see if I can go seven weeks without paying for a hotel or hostel (unless I choose to in order to experience in a world-renowned hotel and/or want to experiment with hostel-diving).

How am I planning on doing this?

1) Asking friends to host me.

2) Asking friends of friends to host me.

3) Hitting up networks I’m a part of, from the Awesome Foundation to Up Global and Global Startup Youth, as well as the 2 Billion Under 20 network I’ve helped build over the last few years.

4) Using sites like and in order to find generous people willing to host me.

5) Being open to other suggestions that perhaps you may have or other friends of mine may offer after reading this (email me!).

While I’m gone, I will be working as hard as ever, and…

I am going to make a concerted effort to blog and report back to all of you with helpful insights and takeaways from various experiments at least twice a week, if not more often!

I have received countless messages of enthusiastic thanks and questioning since I began the blog, and I owe it to all of you to continue attempting to deliver exceptional insights and thought-provoking content that can help you maneuver your way through difficult decisions and fun-seeking adventures. I want to keep that up, as well as continue writing things that will be helpful to you, the reader, answering some of the questions I’ve received with new articles and breakdowns of some of the experiments I’ve accomplished and taken on to-date.

Here’s what I need from you!

1) If you have any requests for insights you’d like me to share or anything you’d want to see discussed in coming articles (breakdowns you’d like me to share, methodologies I need to cover, or people you’d like me to get to guest-blog, email me and let me know por favor!

2) If you have any recommendations of couches to stay on, places to visit as I travel, or parts of the journey/challenges along the way that may constitute “experiments” in their own right, I’m down for suggestions on all of the above.

3) Take a second to call or text three people you did not reach out to on Thanksgiving, and thank them sincerely for their involvement in your life…Gratitude should be a year-round practice, and there were certainly people I forgot to thank who I’m still messaging each day since Thanksgiving in order to show them my gratitude for their role in my life. This point can be considered a health and lifestyle design “hack” in its own right since this will make your day, and life, that much more awesome.

Thank you loyal readers, and new friends as well. Can’t wait to report from overseas and help you chase down your dreams!

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